February 23, 2024

Cosy, Chic and Romantic Wedding

Cosy, Chic and Romantic Wedding

This was a beautiful, intimate, fun, magical, cosy, chic and romantic wedding. Sharon (The most friendly, engaging and glamorous wedding celebrant) and Steven chose Prestonfield House in Edinburgh to marry and to celebrate with just more than a dozen guests. A fantastic way to close 2023 on a cold, wet and dark December evening.

What Traditions?

It’s so easy to follow the traditions we think we should follow or to get caught up in nonsensical trends that will date your photographs. Sharon and Steven did things their way, no nonsense, just them, their style and love. So much love. Pure love, love, love!

Steven wore a stylish velvet blazer and trousers from Reiss topped off with a crisp white shirt and bowtie, Sharon wore the most “glamorous”WOW” The Vampires Wife dress, they both looked incredible.

Intimate Moments

Now these aren’t for everyone and even if they are then not everyone wants a photographer with them, but these two, they embraced the moments and wanted them captured.

In this dark, romantic and classy setting I joined Sharon in their suite as she sipped champagne and spoke of her love for Steven and her beautiful daughter Gracie.

Sharon sat and then posed naturally for some stunning portraits before Steven joined us sometime after. The couple shared hugs, kisses and told tales of how they met and what love meant to them. It was powerful, so lovely to hear and a pleasure and an honour to be there.

Steven left to join the guests downstairs before Gracie joined her mum in the suite.

The photos capture these moments perfectly.

The Wedding

Informal and full of love is how I would describe it. Conducted by the gentlemen that is Tim he engaged the small boisterous group of guests in tales of how the couple met, their life together and more about the great friendship they all have. Grace did a beautiful reading, they exchanged rings, kissed, hugged, laughed lots and then of course, drank champagne before some very cool, sexy and romantic couple portraits.

Do it your way!

It’s always best to do things your way. Be yourselves, embrace the love the not the expectations and celebrate with the nearest and dearest in a setting that helps tell your story.

Stay in love

Ryan x

"But this is the most powerful thing that can be done: surrender. And love is an act of surrender to another person" - Alan Watts