March 7, 2024

How important is a romantic wedding photographer?

How important is a romantic wedding photographer?

Two of my most recent reviews described me as “a romantic”. Until then I’d never really made that connection between “me” and how I work with couples.

Romance is defined as “the actions and feelings of people who are in love, especially behaviour that is very caring or affectionate”, now I don’t tend to buy flowers, I’ll never join in the valentines day game but when it comes to love and expressing emotions, yes, I get that totally.

When I relate how I feel when I am with my wife Sinead (pictured on our wedding day) and when I am getting to know couples so that they are comfortable with me capturing those expressions of love on their wedding day, then yes again, I am a romantic. I can feel and see how intimate, sensual and close a couple will get with me being present, that connection, is so important and if I wasn’t a romantic then it wouldn’t work. I wouldn’t get the photos that I get. Some you’ll see, some the couples want to keep private naturally.

A seated couple embrace and kiss after their wedding.

What does romance mean to me?

To me romance is about feeling, the love, warmth, trust, the looks, the handholds, the squeezes, nose rubs and all those goofy things that we do with our partners, even the embarrassing pet names for each other! 

I always wondered whether the “my best friend” reference to a partner was true. I’d had long term relationships before but until I met Sinead, I’d never felt that. I honestly really don’t like being without her, I’d do anything to get back at night rather than have to stay away, we even miss each other when we are at work. Goofy eh? But true.

Bride and Groom hold hands over brides left shoulder.

Sinead and I

Sinead was the person who helped me find real love both emotionally and sexually, she’s the reason I found romance, the romantic in me and with it all I became a better person. I am more relaxed now, my ego has shrunk and I love seeing the love that others have for each other. When I’m out and about I’ll notice hands being held, I’ll notice a kiss and I’ll always smile at the elderly couple still smiling at each other like the first day they met. I love that stuff.

Old romantics

I wish I’d asked my gran about her and my granddad when she was alive but I only learnt how they met last week when I asked my own dad. My gran was lovely. She once told me to always walk a lady so she is on the outside of the pavement to avoid her getting covered in dirty washing water from the above windows! The world has changed so much since the 1940’s but I love looking back at those times when couples went dancing and “courted”, the photos from those eras are beautiful. I recently had my black and white photos compared to the 1950’s Hollywood era which was a lovely compliment to receive. My gran would love them too I’m sure.

Becoming more comfortable in myself as a whole, knowing I am loved and that I love has without doubt helped me being the wedding photographer that I am today.  I’m always growing of course. I’m not for every couple, far from it, I wouldn’t want to be but I can work with those that want emotive prints on their walls, that want to showcase their love and that aren’t afraid to hold, kiss and get lost in a moment while that moment is captured for them. 

Intimate Couples

One of the first questions I will ask a couple is “How intimate are you together?”, it helps me start painting that picture of you both, are you close? are you naturally shy? and how can I help you express yourselves to get the photographs you deserve. Your couple portraits are a very special moment in your day. It’s really your first time alone after you’ve been married. Moments of raw emotion, natural love and acts of romance as you walk alone, sit together, kiss or enjoy a moment of passion in your suite or a private lounge. It’s those moments that can make your portraits so very different to what you may get without “a romantic” photographing you.

So thanks for reading this, I’m very conscious of the amount of references to myself in this post but I wanted to start making more posts like this for those that want to join me on this journey.

Stay in love

Ryan x


"But this is the most powerful thing that can be done: surrender. And love is an act of surrender to another person" - Alan Watts