May 24, 2024

City Shoot

City Shoot | City Lovers

A shoot in your favourite place. A city shoot, a romantic shoot of any kind is a great way to celebrate your love together. As you’re here on my website you’re no doubt a fellow believer that beautiful images belong on your walls not a screen? That is my aim with any couple, individual or team that I work with. To get you something special for your walls or an artbook. Something special, not for likes (don’t be one of these types) but for life.

Where should we do it?

Wherever you want to. I would always recommend somewhere special to you both. Somewhere that means something. If it’s a more intimate shoot then you may want to do it at home?

Ask your photographer to help if you need some advice. They should know what will work and will have other creative ideas. They can help you plan the best time for the shoot depending on the season, location and the weather. However the latter may need you all to be very flexible, especially in Scotland!

What should we wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in. Whatever suits the locations you are shooting in. Something to match the vibe.

Steer clear of logos and anything that can date your photographs. These should remain timeless so bear that in mind when choosing your outfits.

If you are doing the shoot as a pre-wedding shoot or an engagement shoot then it could be worth hooking up with your wedding stylists or make-up artists to use this as a trial. A top tip right there!

What should we expect?

By the time your shoot comes around you should know exactly what will happen. There doesn’t have to be regimented schedule but your photographer should have more of a plan than “let’s see what happens”. Personally, after a couple of calls and some planning messages I put together an inspiration pdf and a storyline of the shoot, like a movie. Every shoot should tell a story rather than just a load of random photographs. You also don’t need 100’s of photos to tell any story, be wary of any photographer that creates a stop-art gallery of images. Go for less photos and higher quality. Remember these are going on your walls.

The Photographs

To get the best photographs you have to trust your photographer! Does their brand and style match your vision? Your photographer also needs to understand that vision. If you’re stuck then ask them to help and you will create the most beautiful images together!

Below is a gallery from Toni and Ryan’s shoot. A city shoot from the streets to the stations, from a hotel bedroom to the beautiful gardens. It’s magical, romantic and as elegant as you would hope from any couple shoot.

How do we book?

You can contact me here on the website contacts page or you can ping me a message on WhatsApp. If you want to email directly then the email address is

I really can’t wait to hear from you and to plan something special with you both.

Stay in love,


"But this is the most powerful thing that can be done: surrender. And love is an act of surrender to another person" - Alan Watts